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Auction of contemporary art in London (catalogue in English language)

4 ноября 2017 года
5 ноября 2017 года

On 4 November, 2017 LitFund, auction house and art gallery, will hold its first charity auction of contemporary art in London. A collection of 15 lots (paintings, graphics, and objects) will be presented for a total value of £69,000. The price range of art works from £2,000 to £10,000.

For guests of the Russian Ball, as well as everyone who can join and participate in the auction via Internet, the auction house LitFund has prepared an exclusive and truly unique collection of works created by the best-known and most popular Russian artists and painters. Among the participants are masters of contemporary art, such as Vladimir Dubosarsky, Konstantin Zvezdochetov, Sergei Shutov, Alexander Petrelli and Sergei Mironenko. Many of the artists prepared their paintings especially for the London auction. Also exhibited at the auction will be paintings of Alexander Savko, Semen Agroskin, Gosha Ostretsov, Taisia ​​Korotkova, Alexander Pogorzhelsky, Alexei Mayorov, Igor Sever and others.

The quality of the auction lots is very high. Participating artists are famous both in Russia and around the world. The art works of most of them are stored in prestigious institutions that include: the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg; the Georges Pompidou Centre, Paris; the Museum of Modern Art, Avignon; the Museum of Modern Art MUKHA, Antwerp; the Museum of Modern Art, Prato; the Moscow Museum of Modern Art; the Museum of Fine Arts of the Munchies, Budapest; and, in many corporate and private collections from Australia to Chile as well as decorating private interiors of numerous admirers of their talent on all continents. The works of Russian artists participating in the auction have been demonstrated at the largest exhibitions of unofficial Soviet and Russian art in Europe and the United States. Their personal exhibitions have taken place in Paris, New York, Venice, Glasgow and many other art capitals and cities of the world.

The art works which will be on offer to be evaluated by the English public can be considered a noteworthy start for an exquisite private collection, a bright interior decoration for an apartment or house or a profitable art investment. Once famous art dealer Larry Gagosian bought Vladimir Dubosarsky’s painting in one of the Soho galleries, later selling it at an auction with a tenfold advantage. All masters are easily recognizable thanks to their individual style and the range of directions, from abstraction to photorealism, allowing each auction participant to choose something close to his personal perception.